Did you know you can try a free accent nail before buying? Great! Now that you received your tester sample in the mail, what now?


In your sample kit,  you will receive at least one two-strip tester, nail prep pad, nail file and printed instructions.

Let’s apply the tester strips!

How do I apply Color Street Nail Strips?

Nail Prep

Not a ton of prep is required but it is helpful. Make sure your hands are clean and you haven’t applied lotion for at least 30 minutes. Also make sure your hands are not super cold and the nail strips are at room temperature. (Put them in your back pocket for a minute to warm them up if you need to.)

I like to, before this point, soak my hands in warm water or use Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover and push back my cuticles. Also using a nail buffer to buff and smooth your nails will help the nail strips adhere better. If you do this step though, make sure your hands are completely dry before proceeding.

If you find you’re strips aren’t sticking well enough you may be blessed with more natural oils in your nails and cuticles. An additional step to help prevent this would be to wash your hands with dawn dish soap to remove oils.

You can also use a nail strenthener under your nail strips. I use Sally Hansen Miracle Cure but I’ve also heard great things about OPI Nail Envy (Soft and Thin).

Use the nail prep pad to wipe your nails off. (If you don’t have a prep pad, just use a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol and wipe nail beds off. Alcohol can dry out your hands and nails so if you experience drying from this, this step is optional)

Cut open the plastic wrap around your nail strips.


(There is a video at the bottom of this post if you need additional visuals)


Update April 28, 2019: I recently made a new video of an alternative application method that I prefer and think works better than described below. It’s not the best video but I think it gives a good visual.

Break apart one nail strip. Measure the strip to your nail bed to make sure it is the right size. (You don’t want the nail strip to touch your cuticle or skin when you apply it.)

Pull off the clear film on top.

Now, official Color Street instructions tell you to pull the strip off the backing. BUT  I like to hold the strip up to my nail and cut just above where my nail ends. This way I can save the other half for my other hand or for another manicure. I personally save this step for after this next step.

Break away the silver tab from the strip. NOTE  be careful doing this. I have found that the tabs don’t always break away super easily and can make a little divot. It’s minor and it doesn’t bother me that much but still, be careful.

This is where I pull off the white backing.

Place and smooth the strip on your nail until it is wrinkle-free, and gently stretch for a perfect fit.

NOTE So this can be a little tricky. It’s best to start from your pinky and end with your thumbs. I like to lay the strip down just above my cuticle. Then when it’s placed how I want I push it down in a straight line up my nail to the end. Then rub side to side over my nails. 

Gently file the excess strip over the end of your nail in a downward motion.

BAM! Congratulations, you’re done! Take a photo and share how you did!

I like to put on a quick dry clear coat especially for the solid colors. They’re a little thinner than the glitters, so they tend to not last as long as the others. I use Essie Good to Go, or Color Street has Clear as Day strips as well.

NOTE if you decided to cut and save the other half or rest of your set for another manicure, make sure you put them back in the plastic wrapper and reseal the plastic using a hot iron (or I use a piece of scotch tape). Now, I’ve done this a few times and haven’t had any problem.

But I do have to tell you that Color Street does not recommend this or guarantee the quality after trying to reseal. So decide to do this at your own risk.

If you have the tester strips (only 2 in the pack), they usually fit best on your ring fingers or pointer fingers. Paint the other nails with regular polish and see the difference in how long they last! When you’re ready to remove, they come off with just regular nail polish.



Request a Sample

To request a sample, please reach out to my fabulous Color Street Stylist: Sandra.


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