I’m excited to announce I’m starting the BeYOUtiful Nail Art Club. Recently, I got introduced to a semi-new product called Color Street. It’s a Direct Sales (MLM) company that sells nail strips. Before you do your eye roll about another MLM company, hear me out, ok?

I’m not one to jump on board to the latest MLM product trend. Really. I’m usually an eye-roller too. BUT, here’s a few reasons why I love this product and why I’m starting this branch of my company…

Moon River and Steel City

French Rivera

New York Minute and Penny Lane over top

What is Color Street?

It’s a nail polish strip, real nail polish, that’s easy and quick to apply. They come in all kinds of colors and designs.

Why are you selling Color Street?

Well, to be honest, the first draw was that I wanted the discount. The other reasons are I really love the product and think that it’s great. One of my biggest goals with ROSEMARYANN Designs is to inspire others through art. I really believe that making beautiful designs Color Street provides aligns really well with my own company mission to inspire others to create and enjoy art in all it’s forms. I truly believe everyone is an artist and this company makes it more accessible so I’m excited to team up with Color Street.

What do you love about Color Street nail strips?

They are affordable as well as easy and quick to apply. I’m a mom and one of those people who ALWAYS screws up my manicure about 12 seconds after it’s done. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a salon or at home. The drying time has always been a problem for me. I love that these nail strips eliminate that for me. I also don’t always have time to go and sit for an hour at the salon either so I usually only get a manicure 1 or 2 times a year. Color Street nail strips provide a salon-quality design without the time for $13 or less! I love that they are real nail polish and just as easy to remove. (This was always an issue with gel nail polish that I didn’t like.) They last a long time, are made in the USA. There are other benefits but these are just the reasons I personally love the product.


I’ve always been a nail biter. One of the things that keeps me from biting my nails is having a nice manicure. The problem is it because harder when the nail polish chips and I start picking at it and end up biting off my nails or peeling off nail polish which isn’t great for them either.

So far, Color Street nail polish strips have helped me keep from biting my nails just like any other manicure but it lasts a little longer and doesn’t chip off as easy!

Steel City

New York Minute

If you’re interested in trying some Color Street nail polish yourself, please contact me! I will have some free samples very shortly as well as full sets for you to purchase and try out.

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