Here’s some fun projects I’ve been commissioned for! Painted rocks. They seem to be growing in popularity. They make a fun and unique gift or keepsake. They work indoors or outdoors.


Mini birthday spirit rocks

These birthday stones were a gift for a woman who had never had a spirit rock painted for her. What’s great about this idea is that she gets to keep the stones! It won’t get painted over in a week. Also if you notice the dog? This was painted off a picture of this woman’s beloved fur baby! This was a fun project that I’m so happy to have been a part of.


Hand painted mandala rocks going away gift

These mandala stones, a customer asked me to make for her as a going away gift for a dear friends of hers.

I love doing these personalized gifts because my customers come up with really cool ideas and I get to help them implement something special for their friends and family.

Thank you for trusting me with your ideas!


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