When I saw My Modern Met‘s post on Death Metal Grandma I think I audibly gasped. In short, this 96 year old woman is performing as a lead singer for a death metal band.

I absolutely love this for a few reasons… Music is so therapeutic. This is added proof that music – writing, singing, playing – is so helpful in healing. You can read more about my own similar experiences with Lady Rockstars. Originally a songwriter post-Holocaust (for some amazing artists by the way) as she got older, she kept writing but Inge Ginsberg wanted to reach an audience.

At age 93, she discovered a solution: death metal, where you can shout your lyrics instead of sing them. It offered a new opportunity for reinvention at an age where those chances can be elusive. So beyond the spectacle of her unlikely performances, Ms. Ginsberg’s story is really that of a woman who is finding new ways to be heard.

Death Metal Grandma by Leah Galant, New York Times

Ginsberg’s story is to never, ever give up on what you are passionate about. You’re never too old to reinvent yourself and that age is just a number.

Inge Ginsberg is a superwoman. Can we say #lifegoals?


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