Had to share. Such a cute story.

Plus there are a few debates arising questioning if a pig can really be an “artist” instead of just “move a paintbrush around on paper”. I’ve noticed lots of debates on comment threads on this.

My thoughts are:

1) the pig is getting paid. Money helps take care the other rescue animals on the farm.

2) while we can guess there’s no way that we can ever say that the pig (or any animal) can’t enjoy painting. Abstract art has ALWAYS come under question and this is no different. Pigs can SEE therefore there is a chance that they can purposefully put a brush in a spot.

3) what is it about these stories that make people so upset? I don’t get it. Art is about expression, passion. Not just for the maker but for the beholder. And a pig can make shapes/compositions
that (regardless of by chance or purpose) are beautiful.

4) do not believe the voice inside you that says “I can’t paint” “I can’t draw” “I can’t sing” we all have varying levels of experience/talent/abilities but that doesn’t mean we can’t do them. It just makes it not the same as anyone else. Just be creative. Don’t worry about a title.

5) it’s a cute story. I want a painting pig to earn my living. ????????

How do you define art?


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