If you follow my Facebook page you know I’ve opened a booth space in a new consignment shop in Monroe. (If you don’t follow my Facebook page, why not? Common and be my friend!)

While this adventure has been really exciting, it’s been quite overwhelming as well. I have been looking at finding ways to find peace and make space for more positive energy in my days and nights to keep me going.

Listen, y’all. I work full time. I’m a mom of 2 wild but beautifully curious boys and a wife. On top of all that I’m a business owner and artist. So this, while incredibly fulfilling has also been a huge challenge in finding balance and time management.

So here are my tips for finding peace and making way for more positive in life:

1. Find what makes your heart beat and do it.

We all have things that when we think about it and all the possibilities that our hearts do a little jump. We get excited. Maybe you do a happy dance or squeal. Well, find what makes your heart skip that beat and do it! For me it can be one or some of many things: reading a good book, painting, trying a new craft, hanging out with authentic people, meeting new authentic people, learning something new.

2. Surround yourself with as many positive people as you can.

I cannot emphasize this enough. There are so many negative mindsets out there. Minimize your access to them as much as possible. Sometimes (family members, spouses, etc) it’s impossible to remove yourself from negativity. When that is the case, fill up what time you do have with positive people. I personally am drawn to women who are authentic. That when I talk to them they aren’t always telling me what I should do. They aren’t talking about what our other friend said last week and why it’s ridiculous. They are fine with being real. We laugh together when we’re happy (or sometimes frustrated), we learn together and we can cry together and empathize together when one of us is struggling. They can admit their faults and relate to mine. They can encourage me to be the best mom, wife, artist, woman I can be and I can encourage them too. If you don’t know many positive people, it can start with you. I truly believe if you emulate authenticity, authentic people will be drawn to you.

3. Treat yourself.

Recently I attended a healing stone workshop* that was perfectly timed. I met some amazing new women. It doesn’t always have to be something you spend money on. It can be 10 minutes of silence with your coffee. I know, my mom self is laughing too, but amazingly enough if I ask my husband to give me 10 minutes to sit on the porch to drink my coffee in quiet he’s totally cool with it! Be creative! And don’t let one obstacle get in your way. Buy yourself a really beautiful journal and spend a few moments each day journaling. Attend a workshop or get a manicure. Self care is so important so that we can be renewed for the rest of what life has to throw at us.

What works for you when you’re seeking out positivity?


*  Side note: the featured image is of my bracelet made at the healing stone workshop done by Emily of Emily Eff Designs. I gotta give a little link love. This woman is totally cool, genuine and knows her stuff about natural stones. You MUST check out her Etsy shop for some stunning jewelry. Even if you don’t buy into the natural energy that these stones are supposed to have, they are beautiful and the time with the other ladies that attended the workshop was awesome. Anyway she has tons of other workshops coming up. I highly recommend checking them out.


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