So I recently met a lovely woman, Amber of Little King Art and I’ve been following her Facebook page (you should too, she’s got some really sweet workshops coming up that you don’t want to miss). We met through Lady Rockstars and were bandmates.. Anyway she has recently shared the following really cool videos:


Both Mariam and Kate have experienced more roadblocks to everyday life than most of us can even imagine. They didn’t let that get in the way of their creating and not only creating art but the life that they want to live.

It got me thinking about how so often I get the question “how do you do it?”, or “you’re so talented.” I don’t really believe I’m that talented. Some if it may be talent, sure. Some of it may be genetic. Some of it may be personality.

However, I’ve taken lots of lessons. I’ve sat down and painted and turned out real crappy paintings or thrown things away because it just didn’t “work”. It’s practice. It’s pushing past any roadblocks. Yes, I’m a mom. Yes, I have a full time job. Yes, some days I’d rather be painting all day than dealing with diapers or code bugs. And yes, somedays I just go to bed at 7:45 because I’m way too exhausted to do anything else…

While  I under stand the person saying that someone is talented is well intentioned, I think it’s an excuse to say “I can’t do that.” when that line of thinking is totally false. And just because you perhaps even if you can’t (have you tried? and tried again? and again?) then it just means you can’t and shouldn’t do it exactly the same… We each have a place in this world and each place is beautiful.

Most art is all about practice. It’s about failure. Trying and retrying until you find what works. Our family mantra this year was declared by my 4 year old seems really fitting:

Be creative. And be it often. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s ok to be messy. You can always clean it up”

Don’t say you can’t. Say I can learn guitar in 4 weeks. I can express myself through painting and creativity. I can be me and it will be awesome.

Thanks for sharing the inspiration Amber!


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