“Strength in Friendship” Teapot and Tea Cup Set, 2018

I have done a slight shift in some of my work. I’ve been doing a lot more dot painting and I’ve also been doing a lot more praying (for lack of a better word) while I paint. Mindful painting perhaps is a good term. For example, this tea set I had purchased the set on whim at the store. I just saw it and decided I needed to paint it.

Shortly after I started this set there was a tragic event that happened in my neighborhood. I was morning while painting this. My mind was focused on my friend who is going through such a difficult time and on how immensely grateful I am for the amazing, generous and kind neighbors we have.

So this set is a manifestation of that mindfulness and prayer for my friend and for the strength of our friendship to help support her through this really difficult time. This set is named “Strength in Friendship” for that reason.

Another example is this piece below, “Let’s Rock”

Let’s Rock, 16×20 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, December 2017

This one sort of happened by accident. I started this before I began my 2nd round of Lady Rockstars. I was considering all the joy I had found in playing music again and how excited I was to play again with a group of women wanting to learn and perfect their music skills. I thought about how cool an idea the whole concept is. It is made with joy and from my heart.

I’m hoping to do more pieces like these. Not necessarily tea sets or even just canvas paintings though I’m not opposed to any of it. But just having more meditative and mindful creations. I truly believe that art can heal. And I want to share love, kindness, strength and generosity through my creative work.

Looking forward to what the future holds.


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