The last 4 weeks I have been participating in Lady Rockstars, a program designed to teach women how to play an instrument, build confidence, and have a “rockstar” experience.

It was ever bit as cool as it sounds.

Since I first saw a post on Facebook advertising this, it immediately went on my mental bucket list. I must do this. Since a kid, I’ve loved music. I’ve been in marching band and played in school music programs through elementary and high school. But I’ve never played guitar, never performed in the same capacity as your rock band would. It was pretty intimidating but super exciting at the same time.

So I signed up as soon as I could.

Lady Rockstars consists of weekly practices, picking a band name, a photo shoot, and a concert at a local bar. I’ll be honest when I signed up I was SUPER excited and equally nervous. I am an introvert and never really like attention on myself.

Krystle, the founder, owner and mastermind behind the LR program, provides each rockstar in training a binder with the guitar tabs for the 2-3 songs you’ll learn, she teaches each participant how to play necessary cords and general info on some of the “behind the scenes” stuff.

The whole experience was super fun. I learned to play a couple of songs with bass guitar. We chose our band name and just had a lot of fun. It really made me appreciate all that singers and songwriters do and how much work it is to just learn 1 song.

To be honest, the other ladies who participated were so freakin cool, that alone would make the experience worth it.

I highly recommend the Lady Rockstar experience. So awesome and so much fun to learn something new. I mean who can say they learned guitar in 4 weeks and are having a concert? This girl has and can now.

Check out some awesome photos of our concert and definitely thing if you’re a lady in the Charlotte area, you need to try this experience out. Krystle has several opportunities coming up in August and beyond for you to partake.


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